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Our Investment Philosophy
You need to understand the return you require from your investments to ensure they secure your financial future. Once the return is established you can consider the risk needed to achieve this return.

If you already have enough money, why take any risk?
Many people we meet are unwittingly taking too much risk. If you haven't achieved financial independence you may need to take on some risk. However, most take unnecessary risks to achieve their goals.

We do not create client wealth - capital markets do that.
However there is a belief that by selecting certain fund managers you can outperform the market. When fund management expenses are taken into account most funds underperform the market over the longer term. Therefore their only option is to take more risk to achieve the required return. The other major problem is how we identify those fund managers that could potentially beat the market. Picking those that have performed previously does not guarantee future performance. This process become self defeating and costly.

Over time our investment management techniques have been shown to optimise returns while minimising risk.
Our chosen portfolios are constructed using multi-asset class investing which has over 30 years proven performance in the marketplace. Academic research going back to the 1920's has proved the investment techniques.

We are very different to most advisers in that we don't pick funds.
Rather we use academic research and scientific implementation to create investment strategies that emphasis asset class allocation and minimum trading. The resulting portfolios can achieve the rate of return you require whilst taking less risk and minimising costs.

We do not focus on trying to beat the market.
Instead we help clients concentrate on the return they require and provide access to the market through vehicles that capture the growth available. Focusing long term rather than worrying about day to day or year to year fluctuations gives you the financial security you desire.

Whatever approach you take to managing investments we educate our clients to undertake the following:

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